One Chance Tactical Solutions​​

You have the rest of your life to get it right.  However long that may be, is directly up to you.

About OCTS
Discovering Strength
The goal is simple, to provide individual solutions to complex problems in smaller group settings.  With fifteen years experience in the firearms industry, this includes, 12 years experience in the military and 7 years instructional experience with over 3,000 people trained.  Our experience in the Military as teaching and training vast walks of life has shown us there truly is no one set solution, however there are parameters we need to work with. When we adhere to principals rather than a very  specific route is where success begins.  It is apparent there are far to many blanket statements out there. Instructors telling you that " You will do this", "You will think this".  While we can look at data banks for a reference or a starting point we need to be more self aware than anything and tap into our own brain's processes such as judgment, past behavior, decision making, how we see and interpret our environment and just how far and what we are willing to do in order to preserve life.  Remember, while you are on a range you are working on the possibility of having to use a firearm to defend your life, or any innocent life, this isn't something anyone should take causally.
I was once told, "You can only keep what you have by giving it away."  This quote
means a lot to us as a company.  We owe it to you and ourselves to teach and
train the most relevant, accurate and most up to date information, so we can all
continuously keep climbing the ladder of success.​


Only Critical Thinkers Survive

Guidelines:  Whether it is a private party, open enrollment class or a private individual session, we create an environment of safety and trust.

Mindset: Creating awareness of how important our mindset is in our daily lives.

Leadership: How are we going to handle conflict?  If not you then who?  Are you willing to step up and solve the problem?  In this class, we will teach you to use the opportunity to expand perceptions to probability vs. possibility thinking.  You will use problem solving and inner strategic skills to dissect a dynamic environment.  

Problem Solving:  Explore a multiple of ways reacting when faced with a life-threatening situation.  This includes supportive tools such as self-awareness, situational awareness, best and worst possible solutions.

Communication:  Enhancing your survivability rate with solid, open and responsible communication.

Goal Setting:  Together we will find your weaknesses, acknowledge them together, and ultimately give you something to take home and work on so you can continuously climb the ladder of success.​